5 Reasons why luxury pashmina is the Ultimate fibre

Pashmina is one of the most versatile fibres available and has been creating luxury clothing for centuries.

You will find it makes a very soft material for when you build your own sofa.

It is known as the “Diamond Fibre” or “Soft Gold of Asia”, is the finest, softest and warmest wool found in nature.

  • Warm in Winter, Cool in summer, perfect for any season….
  • Natural, healthy and eco-friendly….
  • Divine and luxurious – soft to touch….
  • Fire resistant….
  • A unique yet essential item for any ages …

Warm in Winter, Cool in summer, perfect for any season….

Like any other cashmere or wool, the natural Pashmina fibre has the ability to insulate from heat and cold. Pashmina however is superior to other cashmere and wools as it is finer and has amazing insulating properties. During the weaving process, tiny air bubbles are trapped within the fibres and fabric. It is also reactive to moisture in the atmosphere and reacts to body temperature which allows your body to breathe naturally.

Pashmina absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture vapour and then releases it into the air. This is essential in regulating the body’s temperature and is reassuring to know that any moisture on your baby’s skin will be absorbed, leaving your baby more comfortable in any climate or season.

In cool weather, even a little moisture on the skin becomes cold, quickly reducing body temperature. However by absorbing this moisture, a dry layer of air is left next to the skin and helps hold body heat. In hot weather Pashmina assists in the absorption/evaporation process to help keep the body cooler.

Natural, healthy and eco-friendly….

The natural Pashmina fibre is collected from the Chyangra mountain goats by hand, the fibres are spun by hand, the Pashmina fabric is then woven by hand, labelled with a handmade paper swing tag, pressed and packed by hand. This process uses no harsh chemicals. The environmentally friendly dyes used in the final process are metal and ozone free and are imported from Switzerland.

Divine and luxurious – soft to touch….

Humans are tactile creatures. A luxurious 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina product made from the highest quality cashmere creates an air of sophistication and elegance enveloping the body with its exotically silky gossamer fibres. So divine, so luxurious, perfect to snuggle up to. Other cashmeres and wools are certainly wonderful and natural, but rarely so soft. Once you have compared, feel the difference.

Fire resistant….

Pashmina, like wool, is naturally safe. It does not support a flame and will not easily flare up like cotton. While it can catch alight when exposed to a direct flame it can quickly be extinguished, and will only leave a cold ash which can be easily brushed away. Pashmina will not melt, like most synthetic fibres will. Fibres which melt onto the skin cause the most severe burns. Choose natural Pashmina to embrace and comfort your precious one.

A unique yet essential item for any ages …

Each Pashmina is completely handmade and is unique and as such no two items are the same. They maybe the same size and colour, but each weaver has their own characteristics. That is the beauty of handmade goods and adds to the authenticity.

Pashminas are made in a variety of different colours and sizes from scarves, mufflers, stoles, shawls, throws and blankets in a variety of sizes. 100% Pashminas are ideal for that special gift for that very special person that is both beautiful yet practical. It is an essential item for a newborn or toddler as well as people of all ages!